Dosbarth Apple

Croeso i Dosbarth Apple
Year 1
Mrs C Driscoll
Parents Information

Sept 2017


PE will be on a Wednesday afternoon.

Please bring your child's PE kit to school if you have not already done so.

Remember, hair tied up and no jewellery to be worn please.


Home Reading Books

Your child has been allocated a reading day. Please can you ensure that their books are brought in on their day so they are able to read and discuss their book with an adult and be given a new book to enjoy for the following week. Please write a short comment in their orange reading record. If your child has been given Tricky Words to practise, please can they also be returned on this day.


Learning Logs

New topic activities will be given out very soon. However, there are still some outstanding learning logs from the autumn term. Please can you ensure that these are returned so the new activity log can be stuck in

Learning information
Autumn Term Topic

This project has an ICT focus and teaches children how to gather information from a range of sources and use a range of packages to draw, paint, animate and record sounds. At the heart of this project children will write narrative and fantasy stories using a comic and storyboard format and develop additional skills in the use of speech marks and captions. 
The children will have opportunities to apply their skills and understanding by creating their own superheroes to battle the villain Dr Evilblood.

In this project the children will learn:
• To use ICT to find and present information including film and animation;
• To understand the features used by authors and cartoonists in comics and film to describe superheroes;
• To identify healthy eating habits;
• To read comic strips and dialogue fluently;
• To design a comic strip and use it to tell a story;
• To use music movement and musical instruments to express the characteristics of fictional characters;
• To identify acceptable behaviour and give reasons for your choices;
• To identify real life ‘superheroes’ and describe their lives.

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