Our Staff

Acting Headteacher
Mrs L Prichard

Senior Leadership Team
 Mrs R Price
Nursery Teacher
Foundation Phase Leader
Mr D Thomas 
Year 3/4 Teacher
Acting Deputy Head
Mrs G Pitt
Year 5 Teacher
Key Stage 2 Leader

Key Stage 2 Teachers

Miss G Branch

Year 3/4 Teacher 

Mr B Arthur

Year 6 Teacher

Foundation Phase Teachers

Miss N Hier

Reception Teacher 

Mrs C Driscoll

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs E Bennett  

Year 2 Teacher

Learning and Support Staff
 Mrs H Hughes
LSA Nursery and Year 2
Mrs D Hicks
LSA Nursery and
FP Intervention
Mrs L Morgan
LSA Reception
Miss H Jones
LSA Year 1
Mrs H Russell 
FP HLTA and Year 2
Mrs S Pugh  
LSA Year 3
Miss L Evans
LSA Year 4
Miss N Price 
LSA Year 5 and
KS2 Interventions
Ms S Irvine 
LSA Year 6
Miss S Edwards 
LSA 1:1 support

Additional Staff
Mr R Ahearne

Mrs K Shehu
School Secretary
Miss T Barnes
Mrs J Craig
Cook in Charge
Mrs D Griffiths
Mrs D Blackwell
Senior Midday Supervisor
Miss S Sibthorpe
Midday Supervisor and Cleaner
Miss S Powell
Midday Supervisor
Miss C Taylor
Midday Supervisor
Miss J Bray
School Crossing Patrol and Cleaner
Miss N Price
Midday Supervisor