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Collective Worship

The school is not affiliated to any particular religious denomination, but we do have an act of worship every day.  We meet as a whole school, as Foundation Phase or Key Stage 2 groups separately, or in individual classrooms. The acts of worship usually follow a Christian theme, or try to encourage the qualities of honesty, tolerance and helpfulness, always doing your best, respect for others, and caring for our world.


It is a time when the whole school can share in the successes and achievements of individual children. Occasionally we have visitors who come and share our acts of worship. There are also opportunities for the children to present the act of worship themselves through various themes like Harvest, St. David’s Day or Easter. Each class presents one family assembly during the school year, when family members are invited to come and watch, and then join us for tea and coffee afterwards.


Parents have the right to withdraw their children from the act of worship on religious grounds. This process is undertaken in consultation with the Headteacher.  Alternative provision will be provided by the school.

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