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More Able and Talented

At Markham Primary School, we appreciate that the definition of More able and Talented is far reaching and diverse. We are proud to nurture, develop and support individual children and encouraged them to develop their attributes, skills and potential within a learning environment. Abilities and talents will emerge in a wide range of subjects and fields: it is important to develop the whole child.


We are committed to develop independent learners to meet the challenges of the 21st century and provide a variety of opportunities for children to achieve their full potential.  Our school community work together to  help pupils acquire knowledge, skills and practical abilities. We celebrate, appreciate and enjoy achievements in music, art, science, ICT, maths, technology, literature and sport.


We work alongside parents to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles and develop positive attitudes and safety awareness. At Markham Primary School, learners are encouraged to take responsibility for their own study and to be involved in evaluating and reflecting their learning.


Our More able and talented Lead is Mrs G Pitt.

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